DUB Magazine Announces Acquisition by DUB Acquisitions

Fullerton, California – October 19, 2016 – Recent controlling acquisition of DUB Publishing and TIS Industries by DUB Acquisitions, LLC, a leading California-based wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket products, is expected to unify the automotive lifestyle industry and empower the DUB brand. DUB Publishing Inc. is the creator of both the famous celebrity automotive lifestyle magazine DUB magazine and popular off-road lifestyle magazine, LFTD & LVLD; TIS Industries, LLC includes the innovative wheel brands, TIS Wheels and Dropstars. The acquisition is a strategic move by DUB Acquisitions to expand into the consumer segment and gain access to the millions of global consumers following DUB Magazine and its brands.

The alliance follows the launch of DUB IR Film. The companies determined that after such a successful partnership during the creation and distribution of their joint product, a more long-term relationship would be the natural next step.

With the combined reach of DUB Acquisitions, with their deep understanding of aftermarket automotive products and distribution, and DUB Publishing, which is credited with giving voice to the trendsetting DUB culture and exporting it to urban auto enthusiasts across the globe, and the visionary offerings of TIS Wheels and Dropstars, this groundbreaking acquisition will provide the industry with a clear guiding force to follow. Also as a result, consumers will gain an even more streamlined and richly inspiring set of products and services.

The current DUB Publishing management team will remain in place in order to continue providing the brand’s audience the authentic experience that enthusiasts have come to expect. Myles Kovacs, President and Co-Founder; Haythem Haddad, Creative Director and Co-Founder; and John Ramos, Director of Events and Promotions, will continu