DUB Magazine Announces Acquisition by DUB Acquisitions

Fullerton, California – October 19, 2016 – Recent controlling acquisition of DUB Publishing and TIS Industries by DUB Acquisitions, LLC, a leading California-based wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket products, is expected to unify the automotive lifestyle industry and empower the DUB brand. DUB Publishing Inc. is the creator of both the famous celebrity automotive lifestyle magazine DUB magazine and popular off-road lifestyle magazine, LFTD & LVLD; TIS Industries, LLC includes the innovative wheel brands, TIS Wheels and Dropstars. The acquisition is a strategic move by DUB Acquisitions to expand into the consumer segment and gain access to the millions of global consumers following DUB Magazine and its brands.

The alliance follows the launch of DUB IR Film. The companies determined that after such a successful partnership during the creation and distribution of their joint product, a more long-term relationship would be the natural next step.

With the combined reach of DUB Acquisitions, with their deep understanding of aftermarket automotive products and distribution, and DUB Publishing, which is credited with giving voice to the trendsetting DUB culture and exporting it to urban auto enthusiasts across the globe, and the visionary offerings of TIS Wheels and Dropstars, this groundbreaking acquisition will provide the industry with a clear guiding force to follow. Also as a result, consumers will gain an even more streamlined and richly inspiring set of products and services.

The current DUB Publishing management team will remain in place in order to continue providing the brand’s audience the authentic experience that enthusiasts have come to expect. Myles Kovacs, President and Co-Founder; Haythem Haddad, Creative Director and Co-Founder; and John Ramos, Director of Events and Promotions, will continue in their roles and will oversee many of the decisions made by the company.

Haytham Elzayn, CEO and President of Allegiance, is excited about the future and looks forward to working with the dynamic team at DUB Publishing: “The expertise runs deep between our two companies. Myles Kovacs and his team bring with them an unexplainable intuition of automotive individualizing trends before they happen. Pair that with Earl Mangune (Managing Director of DUB Acquisitions) and his energetic sales and technical support teams, and we have ourselves an unstoppable force in the automotive aftermarket realm.”

As the founders of the influential urban automotive lifestyle publication, DUB Magazine, as well as the highly rated television show, The DUB Magazine Project, which featured custom work on celebrity automobiles performed in the DUB Garage, the brand has had the opportunity to custom design and build hundreds of vehicles for top celebrities, including David Beckham, Tyga, Snoop Dogg and Tony Hawk. They are also the creators of the DUB Show Tour, which combines performances by today’s top artists with one of the most exciting car shows in the world. With four million active fans, the brand is also well-known as a social media powerhouse.
“Being at the forefront of the industry and evolving with the changing needs is the cornerstone to our continued success,” said Myles Kovacs, President, CEO and co-founder of DUB Publications. “Together we are stronger.”

The companies are optimistic about what new innovations they will bring to the industry through their alliance and are proud to be able to support the ever-evolving, trendsetting DUB culture.

Headed by Haytham Elzayn, longstanding expert in the automotive and insurance industries, DUB Acquisitions is a leading distributor of automotive aftermarket products. The Southern California-based company focuses on providing the most effective and forward-thinking products on the market, including DUB IR Luxury Automotive Window Film, CCL’s Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film, Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film and Zola Tools.

DUB Publishing Inc., creator of the iconic automotive lifestyle magazine, DUB Magazine, as well as LFTD & LVLD Magazine, DUB Edition and the DUB Show Tour, is the most respected voice in the urban automotive and aftermarket scene. Through their television series, The DUB Magazine Project, as well as their publications and events, the brand have entertained and informed generations of custom car enthusiasts. The DUB family of companies are about individualism, aspiration and highlighting trends before they reach the mainstream.

TIS Industries, LLC, an independent company from the founders of DUB® Magazine, produces the popular TIS™ and Dropstars™ wheel brands. Founded in 2002, TIS Industries continues to be a market leader and trend-setter in the aftermarket wheel industry with a broad catalog of products for passenger cars and off-road trucks.
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